1. Looks VS skills

2. Collecting photocards VS not collecting photocards

3. Not filming any V-live for a year and have 2 concerts instead VS not having any concerts but have 1 V-live a month instead

4. Individual promotions come first VS group promotions come first


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1. 1222

2. 2212

3. 2112

4. 1111

4. 2222

5. 2212

6. 1222 If the idol isn't handsome to me, there's no point in liking them

7. 1212 but if you said that he can film a V-live once a week, then 1222

8. After experiencing dating scandals and all sorts of small controversies, I don't fangirl when money is required anymore. I don't spend any money at all

9. 2212

10. 1122. If I looked at skills, I would like the top ballad singers instead. Of course I do like them, but I like them in a different way than I like idols. In conclusion, I look at looks

11. 1211

12. 1112. For the 1st one,  I will ultimately like you if you have both looks and skills but the order is if your looks are my style, I will eventually find about your skills too. However, if your skills are my style, to be honest, I don't even know if this kind of kid exist..

13. 1111

14. 2112

15. 2212

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