Wow seriously, she looked so different than on TV. She was seriously so skinny, tall and her face was the size of a fist. Seriously, she looked like she has a lot of muscles on TV but she was so skinny

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Hul why is her impression more pure and innocent in real life?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ interesting

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For real.. Back then, there were a few featured posts written about Jessi. I went to I Can See Your Voice and she was seriously so lovely and sweet. She kept keeping touch with the audience, doing aegyo, asking if sitting was tiring, if we needed water and during break, she would leave to the waiting room cutely. She was super skinny but her body seemed muscular and firm. Anyways, her face was freaking small and she has a lot of aegyo. She said to the contestant who went to the army and pretended to be tone-deaf "do you want a hug?" and looked at them so sadly and told them to find strength. Even when they got off-stage, she was patting them and told them to find strength and that it wasn't a big deal. She applauded them and was kind. She didn't have that ssen unnie image at all and she just looked like a pretty, outgoing, cute and innocent unnie. She was greeting people everywhere and she seemed to have a lot of manners. It's been a little while and I don't have any proof of being there but after I attended the show, her image was so different than what I thought that I remember talking about her a lot to my friends. For real.

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Jessi's face is freaking small. If you look at Lee Mijoo with Yoo Jaesuk, her face looks pretty small but Jessi's face is even smaller than hers

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I find her bare face even more innocent and pretty. She's hiding everything with her makeup

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The second picture is freaking pretty and her aura is killer.. If someone like her walked past you in real life, I think that she'll attract your attention no matter your preference

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Wow her face is freaking small

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