"(Flash report) BTS RM, wedding approaching (ft. prestigious family's golden spoon girlfriend)"
Today, Sojang released a rumor stating that RM will be marrying someone

"BTS RM, Random Wedding rumor...Bighit "Unfounded truth, will take legal actions against the spread of rumors"

Bighit refuted right away saying that it was spreading false information with an official article

"[V <3 Jennie dating] Jeju island date witness, GD got dumped...Transit date controversy"

"V-Jennie, Bring up dating rumors...Hybe-YG no comment"

Until now, YG and Hybe are still giving no comments

Regarding all of BTS' dating rumors, Hybe were always urgently refuting them, but they're only ignoring the Jennie-V's rumors whenever the journalists are asking them

So their relationship is fact?

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1. [+188, -35]
For real, if they're indeed dating, they can't refute it. The fact that both of them have fallen for golfing also makes it quite obvious 

2. [+187, -38]
The fact is that V is the only member in BTS who never had his dating rumors refuted

3. [+127, -49]
Jungkook posted on May 20th on his IG that BTS were shooting their get-together and posted a proof of it but V's fans want to stay delusional. So following your logic, RM left for work at midnight on the 2st to shoot the Apple Music video, then shoot BTS' get-together, then while being drunk, he went to Sungkyunkwan University? Stop pushing thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: Pretty sure this comment is refuting RM's dating rumors and saying how V's fans are accusing RM's rumors to be true)

4. [+82, -17]
The fact that V isn't shooting poisoned needles at the back of their necks while going "Pook pook" means that he's basically acknowledging the rumors (t/n: when V had his previous rumors with the chaebol, he wrote on Weverse that he'll sting the back of the rumor spreader's neck during their sleep with the "pook pook" sound)

5. [+58, -11]
V's fans are so delusional recently that they're going around saying he's not dating Jennie, that the picture isn't V, and it's quite severe. Their mental illness is severe

6. [+59, -19]
If Bighit didn't refute RM's wedding rumors, and just ignored like the way they did with Jennie-V, the fans could've stayed delusional, but Bighit taking a different route is just acknowledging it 

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