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1. [+334, -58]
I just can't warm up to Dahyun. She was pretending like her mic was broken and skipped on singing her part but then shouted the greetings loud and clearㅋㅋ If the other members don't sing with her, she just doesn't sing (in encores), she's just there pretending to look at the trophy, pretending to shout, pretending to fool around and is just faking at doing everything else but sing. She's been doing that for years and she just become unlikable to me now. She's not a rookie anymore and the fact that she hasn't improved her skills all these years isn't just ruining herself but her innocent group members too. Seeing how she puts in zero effort makes her look f*cking obstinateㅋㅋ

2. [+219, -196]
I'm not jealous of Dahyun... there are other idols with good bodies so why her?

3. [+107, -18]
Go practice a bit

4. [+74, -13]
She never puts in any effort, and because she plays her cheap tricks, her group ends up getting that tone deaf image. It's been years since she's been overshadowed by her membersㅎㅇ

5. [+66, -18]
What do you eat to have a body like this?

6. [+51, -9]
I hope she practices her singing instead..ㅠ

7. [+50, -17]
Dahyun's body is seriously freaking good. Her waist and hops are seriously... freaking enviable

8. [+41, -3]
Is this person someone who's been practicing singing for 10 years??

9. [+31, -6]
Her body line is pretty, she has a small face and her skin is while. I'm seriously jealous ㅠ

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