(T/N: Pet.J is a pet shop in Korea, they have a page called 'Pet.J Celeb' with all the celebrities who bought pets from their shop)

Kim Wooseok was living alone in his one-room while raising a mini Bichon and Pomeranian and even adopted a British Shorthair recently (he said that he never bathed his puppies by himself once)

Good influence? Is that possible? He wants to have pretty dogs on his Instagram feed so he's been only raising pedigree dogs. Even the fans praise him for that.

People shield people like him while hating on commoners to death for raising a dog prettily from a pet shop? G-Dragon also has a ton of money but he bought a dog from a pet shop, and even if he's acting dumb right now, he hasn't been punished at all. People are forgetting about those scandalous celebrities just fine.

Who wouldn't want to raise a cute little dog like this? Raising an abandoned dog is easier said than done. If they were a medium-sized or big-sized dog, their bites could be severe. Do you guys want to raise dogs like them????

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Chenle is praising the CCP and is even raising a dog from the pet shop though...???? The fans are saying that pet shops are not it but... They made the dog appear in one of their self-made contents back in February and it was almost animal abuse. Fans are writing business posts about him being rich but his family came to Korea to start a mala-tang business.

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GD is just setting an example as a sunbae. Even if he threw away his dog, he's still promoting just fine. What a role model

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Kim Wooseok doesn't even know how to hug a dog.. Holding them like that is dangerous..

4. [+160, -13]
You guys are hating on Jang Wonyoung for the way she eats strawberries but are shielding your oppas and unnies for consuming from pet shops

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Blackpink's Lisa has caught the cross-breeding disease. She's even raising a Scottish Fold which is banned in some countries overseas. Rose and Jennie's pets are also from pet shops
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Didn't Rose adopt an abandoned dog? She said it on Knowing Bros
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Rose adopted her dog, what are you saying... even the shelter made a post about it
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(Dogmaru is an animal shelter
Stars who visited Dogmaru: Hyuna, Rose, Jungkook)

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People who are so busy that they can't even look after their animals but are raising 8 crossbred animals from pet shops (ex. Lisa) are the most fascinating. At least if they adopt animals and have a lot of money, they are doing something positive. But the people who have a lot of money but buy animals from pet shops are no different than animal hoarders

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