The Boyz is having a world tour in US and Europe. International fans are now writing posts and creating a buzz to tell people to support Hyunjae in concerts because the cheers difference is severely different between him and the other members

International fans even talked about how they felt pity for Hyunjae because he had no cheers

They said that even when the members were doing their greetings, Hyunjae was the only one who didn't have much cheers and he looked nervousㅜㅜ

Even in 2019, Hyunjae was already the one with the least cheers

The reason why Hyunjae isn't popular is because he has no stage presence and his visuals are also getting an adverse change. The fact that he also has past controversies (judging female idols' faces t/n: we covered here) and the fact that his domestic fandom's akgaes are severely tormenting other members, he just became an unlikable member overall 

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1. [+95, -12]
Isn't it awfully embarrassing for the idol to see his fans beg for cheers like that?ㅠㅠ It's like the same feeling when the mom of a bullied kid asking me to play with them...

2. [+94, -12]
I bet the idol himself knows it best when he sees that he has the least popularity onsiteㅋㅋ This is like killing Hyunjae twice

3. [+84, -13]
Seriously are the fans really purposefully not shouting...? No matter how much of an akgae you are, I think it's wrong to not shout on purpose in an organized way. Of course if you're not popular, you'll have less cheers, but the people creating a buzz over it are seriously just ruining it for Hyunjaeㅠㅠ

4. [+33, -8]
It's common for less popular members to have less cheers, but this one is quite an unique case... 

5. [+32, -8]
Wow why does Pann hate Hyunjae so much? It's as if he committed a crime or school violenceㅋㅋㅋ Taking the opportunity to bash him just because some international fans said that he had less cheers is seriously just showing how much of a low-life you are. You guys seriously bash The Boyz over nothing 

6. [+28, -0]
But no matter how much you think Hyunjae's visuals are changing for the worse, isn't he still better looking than the less good-looking ones from the group?? Or you're telling me that even these people are more popular than him??

7. [+25, -12]
Sorry but I can tell why he's unpopular just from the pictures. He looks like an ajussi and he's the type that has no demand in Korea

8. [+24, -7]
Wow what's up with that adverse change;; 

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