Their contract will end next year and they are probably negotiating their contracts right now so isn't this why their comeback has been pushed back?

They keep on pushing their individual activities and neglecting the group. I feel like Jisoo is thinking of going into acting and Rose seems more interested in fashion shows so she seems to want to become a model

Jennie will just keep on doing solo promotions while being on Insta and Lisa will promote in China and Thailand

If they don't renew, I think that the most successful one will be Rose

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1. [+178, -8]
Do you really think that BP won't renew?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they obviously will

2. [+150, -78]
It's so obvious how you don't know anythingㅋㅋㅋㅋ BP is coming back in August and all the members said that they will go on tour near the end of the year. They said in a recent interview that they think that they'll be busy for the next 2 years (because of the touring). Who are you to comment on their contract renewal?

3. [+137, -4]
Whether they renew or not, just don't feed the trolls on Pann
"Your opinion is useless"

4. [+125, -61]
If they don't renew, I think that the member who will earn the most from her solo activities would be Lisa. She's gonna get the top CFs in Thailand and will become the SEA queen. The member who's in the worst position is Jisoo. She's bad both at singing and acting

5. [+104, -44]
Seriously, honestly speaking, the most important thing to YG is Teddy. The moment Teddy leaves, the quality of their song will be f*cking ruined

6. [+80, -40]
Jisoo will get freaking ruined if she becomes an actress. Let's just stick to the group

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