I'm seriously obsessed with faces with sharp features... Seriously, isn't she f*cking pretty...?
My friends all like the SM-type of face so there's no kid who can fangirl on her with me..

???? Why are there so many downvotes?.. Pann-hate = success~!
Kep1er is coming back tomorrow night at 6 PM so give them a lot of interest~~~~~~~~~~~

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1. [+66, -10]
She looks so sharp but her lower face looks cute

2. [+64, -12]
Seriously pretty. Where did the kids who were bashing her back then go?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ she's this pretty though

3. [+48, -5]
She's not wearing lenses? I wanna see her with lenses so bad

4. [+46, -40]
To be honest, she's a lower version of Jun Somi;;

5. [+22, -2]
Back then, there were so many hate posts about her without any filter. If someone called her pretty, it would have so many downvotes and people hating on the commentor. I wonder what kind of logic do these kids have to do that.... Just why does she deserve such relentless hate?ㅋㅋㅋ We can post positive posts about her too. This is so funny

6. [+22, -2]
I saw her in real life at the Dream Con yesterday and found her so pretty though? She was so pretty and cute that I gasped... and it made me wonder why she was even receiving hate before. She was so pretty. By the way, I was a fan of another group yesterday. I'm not even a fan of Huening Bahiyyih but I'm leaving a comment because I really found her pretty yesterday!!!

7. [+22, -7]
So I wasn't the only one who was obsessed with this kind of faceㅋㅋ Hiyyih is freaking pretty

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