I saw the YT video of her coming back to Korea and she must've been tired but she greeted so vigorously. She even lowered her window at the end.
Even in Paris during the Celine event, she kept on smiling. To be honest, I didn't think much about Lisa but she became likable after this.

"Blackpink Lisa '90-degree folder greeting'"

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11. [+540, -11]
She actually got scammed 1.7 billion won by her manager and not 1 billion won. She then came to an agreement with him to not have him criminally punished. She came to Korea alone at an young age, endured all the hardships and suffered so much. She even got scammed... She even calls Korea "our country", is proud of it and really seems to love our country a lot! She's always overflowing with bright energy, has good manners, is talented, is sincere and brings in a lot of money. Seriously, YG has gained an angel. She's pure and innocent and is such a cool person! She's the treasure of KPOP

2. [+410, -7]
Just seeing how she came to an agreement with her manager and forgave him, you can tell that her personality is the best

3. [+328, -6]
Lisa has always been like this

4. [+122, -1]
I'm worried because of how kind she is... She's this innocent and kind even outside of work, that's how her bast*rd manager took advantage of herㅠㅠ

5. [+93, -2]
To be honest, this is the normㅋㅋ what is so hard about posing? But the reality is that there are way more kids who aren't normal

6. [+86, -4]
I really think that there's nothing to hate about Lisa. That's why the trolls are always going "SEA SEA" all the time and are having a hard time trying to find something to hate her forㅋㅋ

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