His acting isn't bad and he got positive feedback in Japan for his acting (T/N: Dear.M is being released in JP right now). Even if it was aired in Korea, there's no way he'd get hated for his visual and acting.

When Jaehyun filmed Dear.M, he was scared to look bloated on screen so he said that didn't even drink water. He slept 3 hours per day and almost didn't eat in order to shoot the drama. So he was looking the best in terms of his visuals.

This happened at the same time as NCT 2020 and 127's comeback so he went around the country barely while barely sleeping and eating and was able to pull off his schedule while on the verge of collapsing.

But because of that Park woman, the broadcast was cancelled.. Actually, it was quiet when Park was filming some movie but... if only her scandal exploded then, the female lead could've been someone else. Also, it was SM's fault that Park got into a fight with Kim Saeron for their names (T/N: in short, Kim Saeron was rumored to have left Dear.M because her name was ordered after Park Hyesoo's. She then received hate from netizens for acting priviledged). Jaehyun had nothing to do with it. So the production team tried to fill in the loss by exporting it to Japan by using Jaehyun's popularity.

While being on this schedule, Jaehyun never missed any online fansigns or stage while getting so much forced hate by people claiming that he caught the actor disease. He never complained once that he was tired and was even thankful for the opportunity. It's impressive how he didn't have a burnout even after the drama was cancelled in Korea.

I seriously am impressed with Jaehyun's mentality. The forced hate he received was f*cking severe but he never showed that he was having a hard time because of it

Seriously, I wonder how hard it was for him to learn that his drama airing got cancelled, f*ck..
There's still a lot of time before he enlists so even if it's a supporting role, I hope that he takes a psychopath or an unconventional role.
Seriously, even as a rookie actor, his tone, diction, expression and acting were all fine so it's a f*cking shame... Even so, seeing how he became PRADA's global ambassador, it could've been way worse

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1. [+42, -2]
These f*cking pigs who never attended his fansigns but were are hating on him are f*cking pitiful

2. [+32, -2]
I can't forget the people who were so understanding towards the other members who missed out on fansigns or group schedules because of their solo schedules, but who were nitpicking on Jaehyun saying that he got the actor's disease despite his hellish schedules, not being able to eat and not missing one group schedule nor year end showsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+29, -2]
These gallery akgae b*tches were grinding their teeth hating on Jaehyun saying how his future was ruined while showing their inferiority complex when in reality, you can just look at the indexes and see that it's a fact that Jaehyun is the most successful NCT member... (Google, YT, Naver, etc. you can see that Jaehyun is at the top even when he's not promoting) meanwhile, he's PRADA's global ambassador, the one who has the most followers on Insta and the most popular in Japan

4. [+16, -1]
I watched Dear.M and it was honestly a shame. The viewershpi aside, his character itself couldn't gotten so many fans. He managed his visuals well and he pulled off the role well too

5. [+14, -1]
It's shocking how he didn't get a burnout or depression from going through all of that. Thanks to Jaehyun's personality, he was able to overcome this and he only shared about it through a video chat with the fans later on...

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