Phone cameras are the closest to their real life visuals, but her legs look even above average here. If we just say stuff like 'should know better' she'll just keep on ignoring it. 
Idols' job is all about managing themselves and you can straight up tell just by seeing that she's above average

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1. [+281, -21]
I actually like NMIXX but I do feel like it'll be better for Jiwoo to lose a bit of weight.. Her face is pretty but compared to the rest of her body, she's indeed puffy so she doesn't give any aura... I feel like she'll burst with potential once she loses weight 

2. [+214, -27]
But I'm more impressed that she doesn't look fat at all from her face compared to her body.. 

3. [+179, -12]
It's fascinating that her fat only starts from her abs down to her legs

4. [+139, -5]
I feel like she can enter the bermuda with Sullyoon and Jinnie if only she lost weight. All she needs to do is lose it all for next album.. 

5. [+119, -3]
But Park Jinyoung even told his female trainees to lose weight before debut and he held difficult conversations like that, she must've debuted with her skills alone

6. [+109, -2]
I've watched Sixteen in the past and Park Jinyoung even told Jihyo she looks stubby, so how can he debut his rookies like that?

7. [+75, -17]
When you have someone like that in the team who is chubbier than average, it ruins the team's image

8. [+63, -6]
TMI: Jiwoo is a picky eater and never eats vegetables

9. [+55, -7]
Her back 

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