Bangtan's V, Blackpink's Lisa and Park Bogum came back from their Celine show

"Blackpink Lisa, how a world star greets"
"Blackpink Lisa, 'lowers the windows to wave her hands'"
"Park Bogum 'if you're this warm, it's against the rules"
"Park Bogum, greeting thoroughly!"
"BTS V, 'omits greeting out of tiredness'"

It seems like he has another schedule and took another plane so he's the only one tired

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1. [+790, -73]
You'll understand if you watched the video but even when the fans were shouting and greeting him, he didn't look at them once and just went in his car. I really think that his personality is amazing..

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These were the titles of V's articles today. There were so many fans and journalists who waited for him at the airport for over 5 hours so is it that hard just to greet them? What's worse is that even when Lisa comes back from Thailand, she always does 90 degree bows. If you watched the videos, the fans and journalists were asking V to just look at them once since he was in the blind spot of the photo zone but he just turned his head against them and ignored them
"- BTS V, turned his head back on his way in the country
- BTS V, even though we called him...
- V, coming in the country while ignoring (us)
- V, the 'fans' who waited for a long time spent a regretful 3 seconds!"

4. [+579, -59]
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel like this post will go to the featured talksㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he'll also f*cking regret not greeting themㅋㅋㅋ 

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No but seriously, none of the other Bangtan members act like this but V's the only one acting like a show offㅋㅋ

6. [+366, -4]
Even Tom Cruise posed for the journalists one by oneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ damn..

7. [+353, -12]
Lisa and Park Bogum are so kind. They must be just as tired as him~ I think about this from time to time but V is quite lacking


He's currently getting hate for ignoring the fans and journalists who waited for him for 3 hours 
Park Bogum and Lisa who arrived at the same time did a 90 degree bow. By the way, V's fans waited at the airport for over 5 hours

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1. [+337, -41]
One of the reasons why I like Bangtan is that they never behave haughtily and are always humble but recently, Taehyungie feels a bit different than before. How should I say it? The way he treats his fans is a bit different? Today, the fans and journalists waited for 5 hours and shouted his name but he didn't look at them once. The journalists were requesting him to stand in the photo line but he just looked the other way and left. I watched it live too and honestly, I thought "uhm... what is this?" No matter how tired he was, he should at least think about the people who waited there. Just waving at them for 3 seconds would be good enough. I wonder why he's acting like this nowadays?

2. [+287, -32]
The vibe on site was no joke. As soon as V skipped them, the journalists started mumbling and the atmosphere got so cold. The fans must've been hurt too

3. [+268, -19]
Do you think that the fans would shield this?... I don't understand. Why do they keep claiming that it's the Gallery b*tches setting him up all the time?
(It's the best - It's warm - It's dumbfounding - I'm sad - I'm mad)

4. [+179, -6]
I let go of everything and fangirled on V for 5 years but seriously, I hope that he humbles himself.  At least for award ceremonies or when there are cameras. And for today, I thought "please take your hands out of your pocketsㅠ " But he didn't take them out once. He's not a bad kid but he's f*cking pretentious.. He's already cool enough without trying to pretend to be cool. Seriously, even the fans can't watch you anymore because of how cringey you are. So that's why I'm not even thinking of shielding him and I knew that his attitude would get into a controversy once

5. [+135, -3]
He's really hopeless. He's enjoyed everything that had to be enjoyed at this point

6. [+132, -6]
There weren't only journalists there. There were seriously so many fans at the waiting lounge. He honestly ignoring the fans too

7. [+131, -2]
He didn't even look at them..

8. [+128, -4]
You can only last long if you're humble..


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1. Lisa and Bogum have good mannersㅇㅇ This makes him look comparable 

2. They took the same plane to come back, why is only one person acting like thatㅋㅋ He just went through the fans who've been waiting like that, meanwhile the fans are here defending him. So pitiful 

3. Both of them are so bright, what a sight 

4. Look at Lisa's proportions wow.. Her training gear is also prettyㅠㅠㅠ Park Bogum is f*cking handsome too 

5. Are the training sets of Lisa and Park Bogum from Celine? Are they selling them now? I want to get them 

6. I know that he can do whatever eh wants and he's allowed to feel tired, but the other 2 at least made the effort to greet while he didn't which makes him comparable 

7. I always knew Park Bogum was like that, but it's my first time seeing Lisa and her manners seem so good. 
It's impossible to not greet if you're tired and I don't think this is that controversial, but seeing how those 2 celebrities who are still doing everything to give fan service makes me realize that they're amazing at managing themselves

8. You can't stop people from inferring that Lisa and Park Bogum's personalities are good from this, and they deserve it. Their attitude while coming back to Korea is so goodㅠ They're so lovely and you can tell Celine will like seeing this !

9. They're celebrities whose actions are monitored one by one though?! Is it that hard for him to do something?

10. I'm not saying that what V did is bad, but the other 2 people are wearing Celine on them and they're showing that they're doing their best to promote Celine


While group BTS member V passed by without a greeting anyone on his way home, he apologized to fans and reporters.

V, who was scheduled to enter the country at 8:55 am that day, showed up at 12:30 pm, about 4 hours later than expected. After finishing his schedule in France, V returned to Korea through the Gimpo Business Aviation Center.

However, V quickly got into the car without greeting the fans and reporters who had been waiting for him. Actor Park Bogum and BlackPink Lisa, who returned on the same day, were compared to him. 

Park Bogum and Lisa greeted the fans and reporters who had been waiting for them with a smile, and they showed affection by giving hearts. It is definitely became comparable to V, who was silent.

In response, V understood the situation and apologized through Weverse. Although V apologized quickly, it leaves a feeling of shame. 

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1. Taehyungie was too tired. The end 

2. It's indeed a bit disappointing, but if he apologized, it means he'll probably fix it... I hope he learns from other top stars still giving fan service

3. I feel like it would've been easier for him to just greet than apologize... So why would he put himself in that situation? .... I feel like V has changed. His expressions are never good in BTS and his attitude looks bad too.. I wonder why he always seems mad like that?

4. I've seen hundreds of celebrities just dash through without greeting, so why is this such an issue

5. I don't think it's too controversial, but it's true he lacks manners. I hope he learns from this and don't do it in the future. I know that he's a world-class super star and it's probably hard for him to stay in touch with reality... But he should know what the important timings are 

6. It's indeed comparable, I hope he does better in the future

7. ..?? why is he apologizing?

8. V never was the type to greet people in the past either so this isn't surprising...When you see BTS' videos entering Korea, he doesn't even bow 

9. Just like the article says, he came back around 12:30PM and took the car. He released the Weverse right away as soon as he landed and he even chose a picture himself to say how sorry he was. He probably had some circumstances so he couldn't greet and took the car right away, or he was way too tired and took the car right away. What's up with people trying to drag him?
"I landed~"
"Journalists, fans, I'm sorry for taking the car right away. You've waited a lot right? I have a gift for you"

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