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1. Seulgi seriously... I knew her because so many sunbaes mentioned her 

2. The last picture with Jeno, he's seriously such a baby...

3. Hul I never knew for Jeno... Looks like he was there since he was a baby 
> The moment they took Jeno in, they released him, I still remember
> At the time, Jeno was only 14 y'o. He entered the company in June 2013 and they announced him in December of the same yearㅋㅋㅋ

4. Ha Lee Taeyong and Lee Jeno 

5. Jeno was seriously a baby 

6. Imagine how much they would've hated losing Jeno...They took him when he was still in middle school and revealed him right away 

7. I still can't forget the red scarf Seulgi

8. Jeno wow he grew up so well 

9. Kyah as expected from Seulgi and Jeno 

10. Seriously I fell on my knees when I saw Lee Taeyong wow.. I wondered how SM was able to get this kid 

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