She suits those sharp colors so well... And even her tied hair is my style

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1. Wow what's up with her abs

2. Her abs are crazy... I'm so jealous 

3. It's not that people have changed their opinion about her, it's that the reactions to her back then were so overheated that people who actually liked her couldn't even share their opinions no..? I was like that ㅠ I hope Freezia comes back, her controversy aside, I like the fact that she's so confident and her personality looks good 

4. Still as pretty as always 

5. Wow it's good to see her back on IG 

6. She's not wearing any luxury brands anymore..? She's so pretty like that and she still looks luxurious. Let's not wear fakes anymore 

7. She's just as pretty as before and she's working hard managing herself, I'm so jealous of her shoulder lineㅠ.. 

8. She seriously suits vibrant colors so well 

9. I want to know where she got that top 

10. I hate those kinds of pants but Freezia made it look so pretty... 

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