t/n: he was accused of animal cruelty for mishandling his pets

"I'm working hard on recognizing all those situations! My mistakes and the criticisms are making me reflect on it and I'm being more cautious. I will work hard on educating myself! 
I'm also going to study more to make the babies happier!"

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1. It's not like it was a controversy from the start.. They just wanted to nitpick on everything he does and thought about talking about the puppies' joints? 

2. Sigh he must be tiredㅠㅠ I'm another group's fan but I'll support him 

3. But I feel like his hate was way too much? Honestly, this could be a bit controversial but I don't think people should start nitpicking his apology 

4. Ever since the Jun Somi controversy, I knew this would happen 

5. Of course, the hate was a bit excessive, but for someone who doesn't even know how to bathe his own pet, he decides to get another one is a bit.. 
Me too I'm raising a Pomeranian and I know the way he raises his is nobody's business and I don't want to swear at him 
but I don't understand how someone who raises a dog wouldn't know how to bathe it... 
Even if you bring him to the salon, shouldn't he at least do it once a week? 

6. But from the perspective of puppy owners, what he did was actually a bit wrong..

7. From the way he was talking about it during his fansigns, I got totally turned off.. He shouldn't be treating his pets like dolls but he should care for them. He has 2 puppies that he cannot raise perfectly and then decides to adopt a territorial catㅋㅋ I hope he educates himself before bringing any animals in in the future 

8. Is this considered an...apology?

9. This guy will always be receiving hate..ㅋㅋ .. I'm not a fan but he's pitiful.. 

10. But he's really getting sworn at left and right for anything... 
I started to find him pitiful. All he needs to do is to reflect on the way he's lifting his puppy and he should fix himself for the future and that's it. Seeing what he wrote on Bubble, it's clear that he'll try to educate himself more on it, what else do you want from him... 

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