Isn't she way too skinny??..

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1. [+65, -0]
I feel like she'll look better if she gains a bit of weight back. Both look pretty but the image that I have of Ryujin is the healthy beauty? That's the vibe she gives

2. [+26, -6]
Honestly, she looks better slimmer. She looks more puffy because of the cameras so she looks better skinny. And celebrities have their own teachers who work out with them so they can lose weight healthily. It's not like Ryujin lost all this weight in a short period of time either, she lost it gradually. If you fangirl on her, you would know

3. [+23, -5]
Ryujin is seriously so pretty...

4. [+13, -2]
If she gains weight, people will point it out, if she loses weight, people will point it out r*tardsㅋㅋ

5. [+9, -5]
Honestly she looked better before... It feels like Ryujin's charms are gone?

6. [+9, -0]
The picture with the pink shorts was just right. She's prettier with weight on..

7. []+8, -6]
She doesn't suit long hair 

8. [+5, -0]
I feel like all ITZY members lost a lot of weight, especially Lia

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