Hi, I'm turning 37 this year and I have no boyfriend. 

If I can talk about my specs... When I studied at the university, I worked part-time in a makeup shop. Because it fitted me well, even after graduating, I kept working there. I graduated from a technical college and the makeup shop I worked for ended up closing down so I worked here and there and currently, I'm working an office job in a small small/medium sized company. 

I met my ex-boyfriend through a friend who introduced me to him. He graduated from Hanyang university. We met while going at the university. After my ex-boyfriend graduation, my ex- boyfriend came back to Korea by boat (t/n: he's working on a boat) and he started talking about marriage. 

My ex-boyfriend's looks are fine and his personality was good. We matched each other. My ex-boyfriend's mother saw me a few times and she never interfered in our business, she was nice. My boyfriend said that all I had to do is bring myself [to the wedding] and that he will prepare everything without his mom knowing. 

However... In the last minute, my father greatly opposed to it. He said that working on a boat is a dangerous job... He probably heard it from someone... Even after arranging a bride and bridegroom meeting, he still opposed to it until the end. In the end, we ended up breaking up. 

After that, some time passed. A while after, I heard that my ex-boyfriend ended up marrying someone else. And that he actually ended up changing job and that he's doing well. He bought a house, got a kid and he was planning to move to a big apartment. When I heard that, I was so hurt. 

I was never able to meet a good man after breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, and I'm getting old... I'm old and I'm still working in a small company. Who would date a woman like me... 

I regret it so much and I feel depressed. My father was pressing me to shut down my dreams. I told him that my ex-boyfriend started working in a domestic company and even moved to a big apartment. He didn't say anything. 
Even anonymously, I want to share my story out there..

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1. [+776, -10]
The reason why that man is doing well now is because he also met the right wife for him. If he kept dating you, you never know if he could've ended up doing well or not 

2. [+731, -32]
Don't blame your father. It was your choice. The one who messed up with your ex-boyfriend is you 

3. [+529, -5]
I'm saying this in case, but don't you think of contacting him again 

4. [+173, -1]
It's true that a job where you need to be on the boat might be dangerous, but have you even tried to appeal your dad with the fact that the advantage is that you don't have to take care of cooking for him everyday? I feel like you're missing out the key piece. I think you would've rather regretted ending up marrying him anyways. You listened to your dad so you should work hard on finding someone new now. Why not just not get married?

5. [+142, -1]
The man is working a good job and earning good money, but the father still thinks that his daughter can do better when she's working part-time in a makeup shop damnㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+119, -3]
It's obvious that you feel melancholic right now, but if you want to get comfort in a place like that, you'll just end up getting hurt. There are lots of weird people here who enjoy inflicting pain on others. It's not weird that you feel melancholic towards your dad about it either. As a human, those are natural feelings, so don't guilt trip yourself with it. This is something that has already passed, and you can't go back in time so just work hard on living your life now. Try to remain positive and try to hang out a bit. There are good people around but even if there aren't, you should love yourself

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