The Korean version of Netflix's most ambitious work 'Money Heist' recorded the worst rating ever. About a third of the evaluators gave it a score of 1 out of 10. Netflix users have been dropping out rapidly in recent years. The share price has plummeted by 70% this year due to user churn. As a result, they aimed for a great reversal with Korean-style content, but they were thrown into a more embarrassing situation due to unexpected criticism of the ambitious work.

The Netflix original drama 'Money Heist Common Economic Zone', which was released on the 24th, received relatively low ratings from major overseas sites. According to the American review site IMDb, the rating as of the 28th was 5.1 out of 10. Of the 2,500 people who participated in the evaluation, more than 820 people, or 32.7% of the total, gave the lowest score of 1 point. The raters who gave the highest score of 10 were 29.6% of the total. After its release, it ranked 3rd in the global Netflix TV series (based on FlixPatrol), but the likes and dislikes are largely divided.

The average score of 5.1 is the worst among Korean original content that has gained popularity around the world. On the same site, 'Squid Game' scored 8.0, 'All of Us Are Dead' scored 7.5, 'Hellbound' scored 6.6, and 'The Silent Sea' scored 6.9, which is quite low.

The original Spanish original drama ‘Money Heist’ series is one of Netflix’s most popular works. Among all non-English-speaking content, it ranked 2nd (Season 5), 3rd (Season 4), and 5th (Season 3) for viewing time. Therefore, the news that a remake was made with Korean content made fans around the world in anticipation.

Some point out that Netflix has fallen into the trap of blind trust. Netflix is ​​sending love calls to the extent of sending love calls to several popular Korean content in their successive works. This is because Korean content has an excellent box office effect relative to its production cost. For example, the production cost of Squid Game is about 40 billion won, which is only 20-30% of English-speaking content, but it quickly climbed to the top of the Netflix viewing time rankings. It grossed over 1 trillion won at the box office.

However, Money Heist is different. It needs freshness different from the original, but it is evaluated that it has failed to secure differentiation. An industry official said, "Since the original was so popular around the world, there were many concerns from the time the news of the remake was announced." Meanwhile, there are pessimistic forecasts that Netflix subscribers will drop by a whopping 2 million in the second quarter of this year.

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1. [+915, -37]
I haven't watched the original version but this is so boring and there's this random bed scene that was funny too. Kim Yoonjin's acting is too old-fashion. And Tokyo acts with her foot. Denver's satoori is also annoying 

2. [+521, -11]
Why is it even necessary to remake a series that's already popular on Netflix?

3. [+282, -6]
People who've watched the original version can't help but give it the lowest score. They literally just copy pasted..

4. [+166, -8]
It kinda looks clumsy and downright childish 

5. [+464, -354]
As someone who haven't watched the original work, this is freaking fun 

6. [+92, -4]
Is the director dumb? The whole story just sounds like it's trying too hard. The way relationships are established are also trash. Does it even make sense that the young girl fell in love with that ugly bast*rd director of the Mint bureau? They should've at least cast someone handsome for the director of the Mint bureau or make him have an affair with an average woman like the original work instead

7. [+86, -2]
Sorry Jang Yoonjooㅠㅠ She really doesn't suit that cringe show 

8. [+78 ,-2]
First of all, I hate the fact that they showed North Korea in the first scene

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