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There are people who look more feminine with narrow shoulders but most of them look like they have a big head and look poor

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1. [+68, -37]
No matter what, having narrow shoulders is better. If they are too wide, you look big and look like you're big framed

2. [+65, -13]
ㅠㅠ.. I wish that my shoulders were narrower. I'm so jealous of girls who look feminine

3. [+46, -26]
I bet that your shoulders are wide and that's why you're dragging the kids with narrow shouldersㅋㅋ

4. [+32, -1]
Stop talking about other people's traits like that. Saying how large your shoulders need to be in order to be pretty or how wide your hips need to be to be pretty.... If you read Pann, please don't think too much 
about it. Those things aren't even that important. Just live the way you are. Don't pick every little trait about others and judge them like that. You guys judge others while also having f*cking low self-esteem

5. [+27, 0]
There's a reason why models for shopping malls have wide shoulders. There are less angles if you have narrow shoulders and you need to exercise to make it make them wider

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