"I've never experienced love nor break up. When I was a motae-solo, I've only experienced pain from one-sided love

OP (Chulsoo): What are you doing? Let's go to the gaming room. Ah really? Ok... good luck on your date and let's meet next time"

"I also wanted to experience dating for once but

Chulsoo: ... I'm jealous"

"Just in time, a opportunity for a meeting(?) came up (T/N: 미팅/meeting in Korean also means 'blind date' and has more of the "date" connotation than just meeting with friends)

Chulsoo: Yeah?? Hang out together? Of course I can ㅋㅋ"

"One of my friends was gonna hang out with a girl he knew. They were all gonna bring their friends so he invited me too

Friend (Minwoo): I'm gonna be the only guy so it's a bit embarrassing. Let's hang out together. Anyways, she'll bring a few friends too so it's fine if I bring a friend"

"Thanks to my friend's tall height and handsome looks, there were always a bunch of girls around him

Girl 1: You're pretty handsome
Girl 2: Do you have a girlfriend?
Minwoo: Thanks ㅎ I don't have a girlfriend right now"

"Actually, it's not like it was some formal meeting but I was happy and I got heart flutters by myself

Chulsoo: Perhaps, I'll finally get a girlfriend too??? I hope that she's pretty ㅎ"

"Even though we were gonna be a few people together. It was my first time meeting a girl like this so I was so excited

Chulsoo: Uhm... I don't have suitable clothes"

"I think that I told my mom first back then that I was meeting someone of the opposite gender

Chulsoo: I'm going on a meeting so can you give me my allowance money in advance by any chance? Hehe

Mom: Our Chulsoo is meeting girls now? I'm gonna get jealous ㅎ Wait a bit, I'll give you after washing the dishes"

"I went shopping alone but it was fun. It was the first time I shopped for clothes with such caution..

Chulsoo: Uhm... is this too flashy? Neat ones are better right?"

"I didn't care about my hair style at all up until now but I bought hair spray for the first time

Chulsoo: What do you recommend?

Girl: The hold on this is hard so even with the wind blowing, it won't mess up your hairㅎ"

"It took so much time to prepare. It was my first time using hair spray and the shape that came out wasn't what I wanted so I washed my hair again and tried again.."

"It was my first time paying this much attention to my looks before going out so I felt a bit shy

Mom: Our son is pretty handsome. Have fun~ Fighting!

Chulsoo: Eyy what are you saying?ㅎ I'll be back soon. I'll eat dinner outside before coming back"

"I first met with my friend at the meeting spot and waited for the girls. I was nervous

Chulsoo: Are they pretty???ㅋ

Minwoo: Have I ever hung out with below-average girls?ㅋ"

"A few moments later, the girls arrived and all looked fine

Friend (Younghee): Hello, it's been a while. Did you wait a lot?"

"My friend and the girls all introduced ourselves to one another

Minwoo: I'm Minwoo and this friend here is Chulsoo

Chulsoo: Nice to meet you ㅎ

Minwoo: Younghee, introduce us to your friends tooㅋ We're all of the same age so let's talk casually

Younghee: Nice to meet you. She's Jieun and she's Sooyoung

Friend: Hello"

"We went to a cafe to talk to each other but"

"I was the outcast ㅠㅠ"

"It's not like they were outwardly ignoring me but Minwoo got all their attention so I felt alienated

Chulsoo: Younghee, what are your hobbies?

Younghee: Walking for meㅋ anyways, Minwoo, what are your hobbies?"

"If I asked a question first, they would answer but nobody was interested in me

Minwoo: I like biking

Younghee: Oh me too, nowadays, I'm interested in biking ㅎ"

"I could feel an invisible wall between us so I just wanted to go home right away

Everyone: Hahaha"

"The effort I spent on my clothes, hair and whatnot for this went spent in vain

Chulsoo: I don't know what I was expecting.."

"I regret being all excited and looking forward to it

Chulsoo:  Perhaps, I'll finally get a girlfriend too??? I hope that she's pretty ㅎ"

"But above anything else, what excuse should I use to leave earlier?.. No maybe I should wait for a chance to go

Chulsoo: I'm sorry, I'll go first. I got a message from mom"

"I didn't want them to think that I left because I was upset that they weren't taking care of me, although it was the truth

Chulsoo: I'm really sorry. Let's meet again another time

Minwoo: Chu... Chulsoo-yah..

Girl 1: Ok, see you

Girl 2: Bye"

"On one side, I was annoyed and angry at the fact that the girls kept on doing that knowingly"

"I got a message from Minwoo on my way home

Minwoo: I somewhat feel sorry"

"Even though I felt like it wasn't, my heart felt like it was stripped naked. I felt even more poorly of myself

Chulsoo: Huh? For what?"

"But thinking back about it now, I used to think that I only felt that way because I was with Minwoo

Chulsoo: At my level, I should be average-level if I'm not with Minwoo.."

"But to be fair, I just didn't want to admit that I was in reality below-average"

"I shouldn't have acted this way but once I got home, I lashed out my anger towards my mom

Mom: Huh? You came back early? How was it?

Chulsoo: Ah I don't know. I just hung out. What about it?"

"It might have been even more painful for my mom to guess what happened based on my actions"

"Ever since, I never went out again on blind dates or meetings"

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1. What is this f*cking self-pity?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the content of this is so f*cked up. I can understand why Minwoo is popular

2. Huh? The ending is such a shame

3. But he was the issue since the beginning no?;;;;; He said that he wanted to date and not to find love;;;; From this fact alone, I already felt a weird vibe;;;; It wasn't even supposed to be a meeting but he saw it as a meeting, f*ck

4. But he was the one going "are they pretty?" and bullsh*tted like that... It f*cking sucks how they were just hanging out to befriend each other but he was the only one thinking it was a meeting. Just how does he view people? I bet that his intentions were super obvious through their conversations... Also, at first, he was the one bullsh*tting about "above-average or below-average" and divided people's ranks like that. Also seeing the way he treated his mom, you can see how he blames others for his shortcomings. His self-pity is solid so he's just lashing out on others and it f*cking sucks. Just seeing the way he talks in this manhwa, I can tell how he normally thinks

5. There's a reason why all girls avoided him thoughㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ because he made it obvious

6. So that's what an ilbe looks like ㄷㄷ

7. The self-pity here is solid

8. I found this story kinda weird but turns out, he's an ilbeㅋㅋㅋ ilbe-bugs are just too obvious. Of course people would skip them in real life too

9. He's so obviously an ilbe-bug..

10. Why is he interpreting this as a meeting...

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