The name of the audition is 'NCT Project'

Even the song choices are NCT songs

If you pass the final round, you could debut under NCT

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1. What is this...? I don't really know this group but this is too much

2. Stop... just make a new group already

3. I get that this is their world view but they are way too invested in this;;;;;;

4. I'm an idol fan but aside from a few famous members, I have no idea who the other members are... I also don't know which team the famous members are from.. is this normal?

5. I feel like with the existing NCT members, it's already so overwhelming. Why are they so obsessed with this infinite concept?

6. I don't know any of the new NCT members aside from the ones who debuted in the first group... So are they just gonna keep on changing the groups? What happens when a member graduate? I wonder how the fandom will react.. So are there no event for members who leave?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I just don't know what's going on there

7. It's not that this system doesn't fit with Korean people's tastes. The foreigners view them even weirder than us. The more a group grows, the more their identity becomes important. They are just taking a failed Japanese system

8. This is honestly the male version of AKB

9. Ah they still can't let go of this stupidity. Why not make a new group?

10. Can they take care of the members they already have?ㅎ🙃

11. This is not it..

12. So are they getting rid of the graduation system? When NCT Dream were crying during their concert, I thought that their system was like that of Morning Musume and AKB and found it interesting 

13. So they are not giving a group to the kids who debuted last year?

14. Give Sungchan and Shotaro their fixed unit...

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