t/n: the expression 톤그로 = 톤(tone) + 어그로(troll/hater), basically a hair color that ruins your skin tone 

1. Yellow thug hair with orange highlights
Seriously nobody suits this hair color 

2. The super yellow color that's ambiguous 

Even if you have super sharp features and you're a celebrity who doesn't lose to anyone, you can look way better with a color that's not this one 

3. A somewhat tone down blond

Your face needs to be f*cking at work if you want to win over that color... 

Of course, the examples in this post are mostly celebrities (since I can't post about commoners..) 
They all have complete faces so their visuals somehow win over the colors

original post: here

1. But Yubin looked f*cking hot with that hair color 
(t/n: that's the color they're referring to) 

2. Yubin seriously... She suits every hair tone 

3. The post mentions this hair color, and I agree this color can easily be a tone-troll but Seulgi's face covered it

4. I can agree with the orangeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Orange is such a tone-troll color, I'm not talking about apricot color, but real flashy orangeㅇㅇ

5. Right? I always thought that my face was the issue

6. Ah... It suddenly reminds me of Park Seojoon's gazelle hair... 

7. + This color is so so too. This picture is just an example

8. For me it's this color.... (the first picture that appeared when I typed fluorescent colors)

9. I told you to not do it

10. Because of my yellow undertones, I seriously can't do blonde hair... I rather just have white hair if I were to bleach...

11. Yubin looked like a Barbie doll though 

12. I personally think Hyuna suits blonde, red and black, she suits everything 

13. I've seriously never seen a celebrity pull off #1's hair 

14. You need super sharp features as a celebrity to look fine with fluorescent hair 

15. The reason why celebrities all look fine is because most of them look good thanks to stage lighting or editingㅋㅋㅋ Not all idols look pale all the time and if you took a picture of them with a normal tone, only their hair color would stand out 

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