Hello. This is Management SOOP.

We are informing you of our official stance regarding the article on actor Nam Joo Hyuk.

First, we ask for your understanding in the delay in announcing our position in order to confirm the facts. After checking the truth with the actor regarding the initial report, we have confirmed that all the relevant information is not true in the slightest. We also express our regret at the one-sided report from the media that did not check the truth even once with the agency or the actor before publishing the article.

The agency will promptly request a correction report from the Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) against the media outlet responsible for seriously damaging the actor’s reputation through false reports. Furthermore, we will file criminal charges against the reporter of the media outlet that first reported [the claims] as well as the anonymous source. The agency has requested this case to our legal advisor today in order to proceed with legal actions, and we are in the process of carrying them out.

The actor and his family are the ones who experienced the greatest pain due to the vague gossip and rumors that are thoughtless and not confirmed in the slightest. No matter how the agency or actor reveal an official statement denying the reckless articles that take on an attitude of “whatever if it is false” and do not even check the truth and only rely on groundless rumors online, the current state leads to [the actor] being branded with a scarlet letter, which the agency really cannot help but feel distressed and regrettable about.

After this time, the agency will take severe legal action against publishing one-sided claims without checking the truth online (via social media and YouTube). We will also respond strongly through punishment without leniency against malicious over-analyzations and interpretations, actions that encourage this, and malicious posts and comments that go beyond mere expression of opinions. We will also take legal action with the reference materials we have already collected through our monitoring.

We earnestly request that you please refrain from spreading groundless rumors or making speculative reports. With continuous monitoring, we will respond sternly through various angles. Thank you.

cr. Soompi

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1. What is happening??? What article are they talking about?

2. You're telling me it's that ajumma again? Seriously when is she dying?

3. That's right Nam Joohyuk already has a lot of years in seniority and he's been famous for so many years already, why would someone wait this long to expose him? I'm supporting the lawsuit 

4. Sojang seriously releases so many videos spreading rumors around that so mnay celebrities have suffered from her. She's too much 

5. Nowadays, there are f*cking lots of people who are trying to bring male celebrities down the moment they hit big. It's not only her, but all the kids who try to spread rumors are all the same. Sigh. I support Nam Joohyuk's agency 

6. The way the agency is handling this is good... Look at the way they wrote the statementㅠㅠ I'm envious 

7. Seriously what's up with Sojang?

8. Do we not have any ways to deal with Sojang? I hope we can make a law that will ban fake news like that. I've seen her post several videos about this, but the way she distorts the truth is freaking severe. She always drags people who are uninvolved in 

9. But Nam Joohyuk really went to his school quietly... But he was still famous. Everyone would know about him in the neighborhood when they talk about basketball. He was tall and people knew him for being a trainee model... I've never seen anyone talk about him beating up other people around 

10. She chose the wrong opponent to spread the rumors. Nam Joohyuk's school rumors were all about him working out or sleeping quietly, nobody believed those rumors 

t/n: We found the claims in another article on Salgoonews.com, we'll just paraphrase the article below: 

On June 20, 2022, the online media The Days raised allegations school violence by actor Nam Joo Hyuk. According to the media, informant A, who said that they were from Soo-Il High School, from which Nam Joo Hyuk graduated, claimed along with their high school graduation album that actor Nam Joo Hyuk was a perpetrator of school violence.

A claimed, "I was bullied at school for a long time, six years in middle and high school. Nam Joo Hyuk and his iljin group were hanging around, and that group have bullied me over several occasions. 

The group was about 15 people, and one of them was Nam Joo Hyuk. During lunch time, they would push people around and cut in line, they also swore at people and beat people up. This was they daily life. 

He would call me 'bread-shuttle' and make me go buy bread at the shop for him, and he would also humiliate me by throwing mechanical pencils at my back. Seeing him acting bright and innocent as male lead on TV made me relive the 6 years of humiliation once again."

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