"Hello. This is [Club name]. We sincerely apologize for realising this sudden announcement. Aiki's entire team, Hook, signed a contract to appear in [today's] concert, and after paying them full amount of the performance fee, they told us that they had another promotional event that they have accepted and because they need to promote themselves, Aiki's Hook Team told us they would be unable to come today suddenly. 

We are very upset and distressed to receive the cancellation notification on the day [of the performance] without prior consultation even though we have paid the entire performance fee for everyone.

There are many of our clients who like the dancers in Street Woman Fighter, so we have tried  contacting various casting companies as well as all team leaders and all team members personally through e-mail and SNS, regardless of the appearance fee. However, it was very difficult to sign a contract with any of the teams, but in the midst of that, WayB's team said that they were really thankful to be able to work with us. After this, on Friday, Hook team also said that they were able to perform at the concert date and we sent them the contract, signed it, sent the performance fee, and got the permission to promote them. 

Of course, even with only WayB performing, we have way exceeded the budget for performance fee, but to show more performances to the audience, we ended up signing an additional contract with Hook team at several times more than the planned budget.

Even after the contract was signed, I received many promises that they will not cancel the concert and they gave the permission to promote it on Instagram. This is why [Club name] ended up promoting Hook team ever since Friday. 

But today, we received the cancellation notice on the same day even though we had paid the full amount of this contract. 

WayB team who have kept their promise will be performing in today's concert as planned."

"The Hook team, which was supposed to hold an additional performance, was unable to do so, but we plan to invite other additional guests and are in contact with well-known performers. It's a sudden notification, so we don't have enough time to give you a definitive answer.. (t/n: this part talks about how the original fee was 20,000 won for standing audience with only WayB, but since they had an additional performers (Hook), they decided to add x1.5 on the price when Hook was added. But now they'll refund for people who bought the tickets at 30,000 won)

We will provide various services to those who will come today.

Guest pay has a characteristic that pay is higher if the venue is a club rather than for general performance venues. However, we were happy thinking we could show a better performance to the guests. Even if this party is a huge loss financially, we thought that by increasing these opportunities there would be more opportunities like that in the future. We will continue to work hard in the future."

1. WayB and Hook agreed to come perform at the lesbian club and they both signed the contracts and got paid
2. The club starts advertising for Hook and WayB and also starts selling tickets
3. Hook suddenly cancels on the club on the day of the performance

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1. What class this class that? So you're telling me that the fans actually trended hashtags to make them cancel the show? I'm asking because I don't know

2. I don't know what Hook's circumstances are but I really hope that they can resolve the penalty and damage fee for the club. The fans who are trending hashtags for them are seriously hopeless

3. Aiki fans are being delusional with that pseudo-relationship thing, but once said she is going to perform in a lesbian club, they trend hashtags to make her cancel it.. Of course, I don't know if the hashtags were the only thing that explained the cancellation, but cancelling on the day of is too much

4. Cancelling on the day of the show is just dumbfounding 

5. It's true that they cancelled on the day of the show. Whether it's true that they took the payment and left or not, it's also true that the fans are trying to trend hashtags right now.. Both are seriously too much 

6. The fans... They were trying to trend hashtags to cancel the lesbian club's show..? Is this really the 21st century..?
10. Wow but looking at the company's statement, it's a totally different situation than described.. It makes you wonder what they were trying to achieve

7. They said yes to the Waterbomb festival but no to the lesbian club? Hopeless

8. Yeah, so we don't know the exact situation behind the cancellation, but it's true that within the fandom, they weren't happy that they were performing in that club? Meanwhile you're ok with her queerbaiting 

9. To the fans who are trending the hashtags, what are you going to explain her queerbaiting?

"I have a husband, but I don't have a girlfriend"


"Hello. This is ESteem Entertainment.

We would like to inform you of our position regarding our artist Aiki's appearance in  New Flow Club.

On the evening of Friday the 24th, we received an offer from a related performance agency to appear in this performance.

After receiving the offer for the performance, we were positively reviewing the appearance, but it was judged that the appearance was difficult due to Aiki's schedule before and after the performance. In the meantime, after learning that the name of the club that we first received and the information about the actual event were different. After confirming the differences, it was finally decided that it would be difficult for [the team] to appear, and in about an hour [after receiving the proposal], Esteem expressed the refusal.

In addition, we would like to inform you that the claim that New Flow Club made about paying contracts and guarantees for all of Hook's crew were not at all true. This contract was unilaterally conducted by the performance agency and New Flow Club without any consultation with the company, Aiki, and Hook's members. There was also no prior sharing regarding the contract and guarantee payment. 

In this regard, we emphasize that the company and Aiki explicitly stated we were not to appear in the performance, and that the contract and guarantee payment were made between the performance agency and the club without consulting with us.

We once again express regret for the unauthorized theft and commercial use of the logo of the crew, which was not discussed in advance due to an error in the communication process between the performance agency and the club, and all the false facts claimed by New Flow Club. We will take strong action against any part that defames Aiki and Hook members with false information.

Hook Crew is always working hard to show you the best performances. Please continue to love Aiki and Hook members and ask for a lot of interest. thank you"

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1. That's why if you get intertwined with the wrong event, you're in trouble.. Only the artists will suffer

2. I hope they get sued. Seriously what's up with that? Because of that performance agency, they got sworn at 

3. The performance agency is at fault

4. Aiki is freaking pitiful 

5. So did the club also get scammed by the performance agency..

6. The performance agency is weird and the club who was only bashing at Aiki is weird too.. In the end, only Aiki got hated..

7. Is it that hard to refrain from swearing on people the moment something breaks on the internet? 

8. Huh? But wasn't the trending hashtags true??

9. What the? Didn't they claim that they cancelled on the day of?

10. The club changed their notice to "the performance agency"
"Aiki's Hook Team told us they would be unable to come today suddenly. " -> "Aiki's Hook Team's performance agency"

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