"The future together with Naevis
Eventually we will probably meet
Naevis on the real my world, hold up! 
Real my world
Your existence is brighter than my reflection in the mirror"

cr. Lyricsoll

They keep mentioning Naevis' face becoming more and more real in their lyrics

This time, in Girls' lyrics, they even said that they're finally meeting in the real world
I feel like a new member will join soon

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1. [+123, -6]
But isn't it too late?

2. [+115, -4] 
You guys are trying to force this so much that it's becoming a burden, I lost my words

3. [+85, -0]
But if they actually had a new member, it will be the most entertaining thing everㅋㅋ If you looked at the avatar they have for Naevis, she's seriously a watermelon type (t/n: soobak-sang: sooman baksu sang = Type that would make Sooman applaud). If they had someone in real life looking like that, it'll be daebak 

4. [+81, -12]
If you look at animes with the magical girl concept, the main villain they get rid of in one season always comes back as a new character the next season. I feel like she'll definitely joinㅋㅋ

5. [+78, -2]
If it's not someone at the level of Karina or Winter and it's someone like Giselle, I feel like she'll get even more hated on than Giselle

6. [+69, -0]
If it was any other team, people will go freaking crazy, but Aespa as a team is so polarized that if they can add someone to neutralize the tension, it wouldn't be too bad 

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