"They are not a project made with a Korean producer and a Korean label.
The full team is Japanese. They are not like KPOP. They are like American pop.
This will come out strongly. They are all Japanese.
Saying that they worked with a Korean producer just means that they used a Korean producer, all rights belong to APEX.


There will be other (acts) like them from our company going forward. Advancing overseas is a prerequisite.
Of course, there will be people asking "if you're aiming to go overseas, why lose to Korean? You can do this in Japan too.
But for Korea too, singers like BoA took off in Japan first,
If this team loses there, let's team up with a Korean producer and do it thoroughly."

Their company's CEO Masuura something said 
"Why should Japan lose to Korean?" "Japan can do it too"
"It's definitely not KPOP though? Rather, it's more like the US"
"We are only using the Korean staffs. We have all the rights ㅇㅇ"
That's how the interview wentㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So a big Japanese company called AVEX is the one who made XG to "win over Korea"
The choreography, MV, hair and makeup are all done by Korean staffs
They used all Korean staffs but go around saying "it's not KPOP though?" "We are just using Korean pepole"

What's even funnier is that they said that they are not losing to Korea and that Japan can do it too!
But they are coming out on Korean music shows like MCountdown and Music Bankㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+175, -1]
They even use Korean to promote on Twitter.. they don't wanna lose to Korea, but want to be seen as a KPOP girl group so they write in Korean which makes them look even less confident

2. [+172, 0]
They've been media playing while pretending to be YG's new girl group but YG was so dumbfounded that they clarified saying that they had no relations with them. So they stopped doing that afterwardsㅋㅋ That's how they've been gaining fans overseas
"However, it is known that all members of XG are Japanese, raising questions about their identity. It is said that the group name XG also became XG by combining the X of avex Entertainment in Japan, which is working on a joint project with YG Entertainment, and the G of YG."

3. [+168, 0]
The Japanese are f*cking excitedㅋㅋ.. The Koreans were the ones writing their lyrics, composing and making the choreography for them so it makes me f*cking mad seeing them claim that it's not KPOP but a Japanese girl group
"So cool... it's not KPOP, it's a Japanese girl group"

4. [+119, 0]
The comments below are telling us not to give them attention but this is a more severe issue than I thought. These Japanese kids are sneakily using Korean music shows as a stepping stone to go out in the world and the issue is that people overseas are eating this up... They are using the resources of KPOP to raise their quality and gaining KPOP fans using Korean music shows and later on, they will innocently say that they are JPOP

5. [+86, -1]
But at this point, aren't the kids who keep cooperating with Japan and China the issue here..? For them, they call it "art interchange" but what do they think of the term "using"? They keep backstabbing us and seeing how Koreans keep cooperating with them makes me so annoyed

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