Her facial expressions are nice too and she looks more relaxed on stage, she's too pretty and her dancing also improved a lotㅠㅠ

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1. [+39, -24]
Look at Pann writing business posts on a school violence b*tchㅋㅋ

2. [+24, -6]
;;; It's true that she improved but isn't this what she was always supposed to look like..?

3. [+16, -5]
Lia's biggest issue is that all their songs are focused on dancing but they really had to put a kid who doesn't have a talent in it in a dance focused team, she must've suffered a lotㅋㅋ But at least she got to the extent where she's at the level of almost being talented

4. [+8, -3]
Seriously it's because she's standing out alone in a team where everyone dances so well.. If you look at her stage fancam, you can tell she's actually having fun 

5. [+7, -3]
She's only good in the eyes of flop-JYP-roachesㅠ

6. [+6, -8]
She's so pretty when she smiles!

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