After Jennie’s travel bag created a buzz, lots of articles got published,
I started seeing f*cking lots of those COS bags in shopping malls (t/n: online)
And it even took the lead in brand ranking suddenly
And clothes with that design also started appearing 
Every time I go in shopping malls, I see clothes that Jennie wore or similar styles
I realize every time how she creates a buzz every time she does something

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1. [+38, -9]
Jennie kinda has a talent to be a celebrity?? She has that aura. She's the type of person who would be popular even if she stayed a commoner

2. [+30, -11]
Jennie's antis are always talking about Jennie copying overseas celebrities all the time and that she's not a trend setter, but if you look at it, she was the first to introduce a lot of things and she indeed started trends. Even stuff that are small like these

3. [+27, -8]
Jennie's face isn't my style but I want to copy every style she has 

4. [+18, -5]
Even the pins she had during SOLO, a lot of people are still doing it now. She's really a trendsetter

5. [+16, -2]
She was born with a star factor. Anything she does is cool.

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