They made characters for their collab with Battlegrounds
Crazy, even their characters are freaking pretty

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Lisa's proportions are just the same as her real proportions

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I'm a fan of another group but I saw them in real life once because their schedule overlapped with my bias' and I'm not lying when I tell you that Lisa and Rose were so tall and their faces were seriously pretty. They had a halo around them. Lisa's face was almost on the brink of extinction. Her eyes are super big and I thought that she was a doll. Rose was so white just like how fans call her a "white squirrel". She was so cute and pretty. These two get hate all the time but they look the total opposite in real life. Of course, Jennie-Jisoo were pretty too but anyways, the female idols that get dragged on Pann are seriously so pretty in real life. I think that Pann just hates on successful kids all the time

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Rose's character is freaking pretty

4. [+9, -10]
They turned the tall kids into short kids. No matter how hard they try to balance their heights, they increased the height of the knees of the shorter kids even higher than the tall kids. They did the same for Rolling Stones too

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They are pretty so why the fuss?ㅋ

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