Le Sserafim also has more followers than StayC. Right now there's nobody above NMIXX aside from Kep1er, but there's not much development from their side. I feel like NMIXX catch them up soon and there's tons of I-roaches sticking to them. 
As expected, I wonder if it's thanks to the Big3? But their debut song's responses were pretty so so. I think the moment they get a good song, they can catch up to the gap they have with other girl groups. They're also getting closer to Aespa

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1. [+144, -12]
Aespa and IVE are already A-list idols so who cares...?

2. [+127, -19]
While IVE has been booked for 14 CFs, has NMIXX booked any of them?

3. [+122, -13]
Weirdly enough, JYP's foreign fans have a f*cking lot of parental love (T/N: loving a group's hoobaes). Also, O.O is the kind of concept that i-roaches obsess about... they are like the female Stray Kids

4. [+104, -15]
Foreign fans usually put more importance on skills and performance so of course it's possible.. ITZY also focuses a lot of performances and has a ton of foreign fans. NMIXX also doesn't lipsync, perform their lives perfectly and are all good at dancing so their performances stand out. That's why it's impossible that they don't gain a lot of foreign fans.

5. [+101, -16]
Should I let you know about this? Even if you put all of the search volume of all NMIXX's members, they can't even add up to half of Ahn Yujin, let alone Jang Wonyoung. What's worse is that even if you added all of Twice, NMIXX and ITZY's members, they can't even add up to Jang Wonyoung.

6. [+83, -5]
NMIXX is super popular overseas. Since they have a strong performance, are good at live and are all pretty, it can't be helped

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