This is NCT Mark. He should at least shave his mustache, why is he like that...? Are the fans too lax on him? Wasn't he fine when he was young? For real, this was even released by Mark's fansite;

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Wow seriously so male idols are really allowed to look that way nowadays

2. [+126, -47]
NCT Dream were all pretty and handsome when they were young but seeing them lately, I feel like they all need some revamping 

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Ah f*ck my eyes, I need some healing with this. This is also a bare face + This is The Boyz Younghoon. Please male idols, manage yourselves a bit. You look like you haven't even washed your face in the morning and you're wearing those inverted toe nail hats to do those video fansigns. Are you even in your right minds? We spend 3K-4K to look good attending those fansigns, and we even decorate the background, rent a hotel, buy a whole outfit, etc. How can you live this comfortably like that? F*ck stop it with the mustache, male idols nowadays don't look desperate at all 

4. [+51, -16]
Aside from Jisung and Jaemin, NCT Dream are all experiencing adverse change... Especially Mark, he's the most shocking one. He crossed the bridge of no return 

5. [+49, -4]
No matter what, aren't the personal attacks too much? Don't go overboard with those words towards celebrities just because you can stay anonymous.. What's different from this and Sulli and Goo Hara? At that time, the hate comments were swearing at them and those posts were f*cking everywhere.. I think this is in the airport, he just removed his mask for an instant.. He kept his mask on the whole time and why is it even an issue that he's shaving his mustache or not? You don't even need to stan him if you don't want to, and stop pointing fingers. With the way you guys are talking, it's as if he didn't shave to go on stage.. Last time too, with V and Haechan. Nowadays, there are so many posts like these. You're going to drive people insane with the way you hate on them. Are you guys joking? If you look at it, you guys are all older than them and you're all adults, but you guys sure are acting way too friendly online... Seriously normal people will never say stuff like that so why would you talk that way? .. Sigh.. Wake up a bit.. And don't regret

6. [+47, -17]
Haechan is even worse

7. [+33, -3]
Lee Mark is better than the big faced Pann girlsㅇㅇ

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