There were some drunk guy who trespassed their show

*The exit is this way^^*

He was even brightly smiling at the end...

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1. [+102, -1]
This situation was so dangerous and I bet Soobin was really scared, but he usually smiles and is able to remain composed, so that's why he reacted like that. How can you say that he's 'f*cking strong-willed' (t/n: 기존쎄 is kinda hard to translate, it means strong-willed/strong personality/energetic)...? Ha the fans were so worried about him that we were all going crazy. Please wake up a bit and don't use this as a business post for him 

2. [+59, -0]
Please don't call him strong-willed for stuff like that... I now what you're trying to say, but this situation was so dangerous and you don't know whether Soobin's reaction was the proper reaction, you didn't know if he was actually scared or anything 

3. [+36, -0]
If I were him, I would've been so shocked that I would've stared at the guy while letting him to screw off with my eyesㅋㅋ But he just looked at him and went 'go back to your seat~'

4. [+24, -0]
I've seen a lot of posts about how 'strong-willed' Choi Soobin is but I feel like it shouldn't apply to this situation? It was just a really dangerous situation, he was just trying his best to find a way to handle it. And is the security not doing their job? What are they doing?

5. [+23, -0]
Those CQ f*ckers didn't even guard them, what are they doing...? This is like the 2nd time it happens overseas

6. [+16, -0]
This isn't being strong-willed, it's trying to remain calm to deal with it. Don't stick the strong-willed anywhere

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