People are calling this the best fansite exhibition (the artist in question is Bangtan V)

The fansite master is Korean

Ticket booth

Photozone 1 that has similar vibe as V's concept photo

Photozone 2

The exhibition is displayed on 2 floors

Every picture is accompanied with something the artist said


Photo ticket

Leaflet stamp

"The Goods Tea event runs for about 15-30 minutes every day at 1:00/3:00/5:00. Find the station attendant and return the roulette πŸ˜‰
(Time may vary depending on site conditions.)"

(T/N: The event's story is V arriving at a train station but realizes he lost his stuffs. Fans have to help him find his items. The fans have to find QR codes hidden in the exhibition. The prize is a fan)

Event 1

They even have a sticker tattoo with the artist's drawing and hand writing
Is this real....
HYBE-yah.... please learn from this.....
Making money like this would be worth it... sigh...

I'm jealous of V
He even has fans who host such pretty exhibition for him
γ… γ…  I'm so envious

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1. [+108, 0]
Nuna V is one of the most famous people in our side γ… γ…  I'm always so thankful for her..

2. [+91, -1]
Wow f*ck, this is crazy

3. [+81, 0]
Wow daebak...γ… γ… 
- Nuna_V
- LOVEISYOU_V (T/N: name of the event))

4. [+36, 0]
Crazy, how can this be the quality of a fansite master....??? She killed this. Seriously, even if I'm not a fan, I want to go γ…‹γ…‹ The fact that V's pictures will be everywhere will be such an eye candy

5. [+35, 0]
I wonder how your life will be knowing that there are people collecting all your pictures and opening a photo exhibition for you.....

6. [+31, 0]
She's probably the most famous V fansite master. But this is seriously pretty γ… γ… 

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