Try so hard to make it obvious?? It's not like all of them are like this.... but all of the idols I fangirled on up until now acted like this... I don't know with what kind of crooked mind would they do that... Do they want attention? I don't even have the strength to shield them anymore..

Instead of anger, it's a pity

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1. [+87, -2]
They are not in their right sense since they like the other person so much, that's why

2. [+83, -2]
Seems like people are like this when they start dating

3. [+47, -2]
It's because they don't think about being caught. They just want to enjoy getting acknowledged by the two of them

4. [+42, 0]
The "making a big deal" meme doesn't exist for nothing
"You guys were making such a big deal, 
but in the end, you guys broke up too.."

5. [+28, -1]
It's not that all of them make it obvious but that only the kids who make it obvious get caught so that's why it seems like all of them are like that

6. [+27, -1]
People bullsh*t while saying things like "can't they date? Aren't celebrities humans too?" but then they should just be commoners... 

7. [+20, -13]
But it doesn't only apply to idols. Most of people want to make it obvious when they are dating

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