"Winter, did she get a boyfriend? "Attitude controversy" actions that sticks out.. What is she on?"

Aespa member Winter (real name Kim Minjung) was embroiled in controversy over her attitude.

On the 10th, on the YouTube channel 'Sojang', a post titled 'Controversy over Aespa Winter's broadcast attitude, caught on screen while dating' was uploaded.

On this day, the YouTuber mentioned Aespa Winter's actions on MBC's 'The Manager', which aired on the 9th.

The YouTuber said, "Yesterday, Aespa appeared on a TV show by revealing their dorms. Winter couldn't let go of her cellphone in her hands throughout the entire program."
Netizens who saw the video commented, “If I was the manager, I would have knocked her phone down”, “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone on their phone for an entire program”, “It's not like it's what the content was about, touching your phone during broadcast is seriously sever”, “No, this isn't a dating issue, it's an attitude issue," "Don't people usually leave their phone behind before filming begins?", "She is fine staying on her phone, but she hasn't sent any Bubbles for over 2 weeks, it's severe."

Other netizens also commented, “I don’t know, but if fansites suddenly start deleting their accounts, something must be going on”, “Winter's boyfriend is NCT Jaehyun. Let's not hurt each other and I hope they last long". 

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1. [+116, -6]
? There are still people who don't know that Sojang is a mythomaniac ajumma? They're trying to spread that Winter hasn't shown up on Bubble for 2 weeks, but she's been constantly coming on Bubble. They claim she's always on her phone, yet they cut specific parts of videos. If you actually watched 'The Manager', you'd realize that she barely looks at her phoneㅎㅎ Sojang's daily life is about spreading lies~

2. [+67, -6]
Huh? So on what basis does she claim that Winter has a boyfriend? So looking at your phone all the time means you have a boyfriend? Then do other people who look at all those Pann unnies swearing at Aespa all day long on Pann think that they have boyfriends... Ah no, because your faces are so ugly, there's no room for misunderstanding 

3. [+51, -4]
? There's no f*cking proofs about it and whether she's dating or not is none of our business. People are going more crazy over the fact that Aespa reached 1M sales in their first week. They're f*cking amazingㅠ
4. [+29, -10]
People are bullsh*tting over the fact that if there was only a Youtube video, it wouldn't be enough to be covered in an articleㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Just looking at the article, you can see that all the pictures are screenshots from Sojang's video 

5. [+27, -1]
SM needs to start suing Sojang like Bighit is doing... Sojang make those nonsense videos as if she got slapped by idols or something?? Why is she like that..ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+25, -1]
Does she have any proofs? She has no proofs aside from the fact that she's looking at her phone and she's making a fuss over that?

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