I preferred Black Mamba way more than this song, am I the only one?ㅜ Personally, I feel like it was even worse than Illusion. And the MV was way darker than I thought... The members looked the prettiest they've ever looked so it was fun to look at but there was so much rap that it was hard to follow and sing

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1. [+157, -6]
I feel like Illusion was way better than this song, even for the choreography 

2. [+96, -4]
Am I the only one whose favorite song was Black Mamba?ㅠㅠ And frankly, Illusion was way more addictive

3. [+67, -4]
Black Mamba was a wall 

4. [+38, -2]
I just listened to it and I don't understand where the hook that we had in Next Level and Black Mamba is here;; The MV was way too dark too and it feels too Japanese so it was meh. The song is easy to get familiarized with but didn't have any impact?..

5. [+32, -3]
Black Mamba and Next Level were seriously the walls... This song is honestly too hard to swallow? But as expected, their results are good. They released it at 1PM on Friday and it's already in the top 100

6. [+30, -8]
Savage has "Gimme gimme", Next Level has "I'm on the next level" but I don't know what's memorable about this song and the dance break was too loud. More than anything, it was so long that I got bored listening to it. After Yoo Youngjing started touching SM's songs, it started feeling so countrified 

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