She stands out definitely more now than in Izone, she's so pretty

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1. Her eyes are so shiny.. So cute

2. She seriously suits her style now that they redid her eyebrows and her eye makeup 

3. Hul but I can't forget her from Izone... When she looked like a grapefruit during Violettaㅠㅠㅠ I had her gifs but since I changed phones, I can't find it anymore. And even during Paranoia, her hair and makeup was legendary. And she looked really good during Fiesta with her short hair too 

4. I agree... Her styling in Le Sserafim is perfect on her 

5. Ah but her makeup here looks like she's too hot and stuffy... But she's still as pretty 

6. She seriously suits it perfectly, her face looks way fresher

7. Her makeup now seriously looks fancy 

8. I know it's based on your personal taste, but I feel like she definitely stands out more now, and she has more individuality 

9. Honestly with just a change of makeup, she's gaining more attention 

10. Whether you think she got prettier is based on your own taste, but she definitely stands out more. First of all, the members being fewer also helps

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