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1. Of course

2. To me, if I joined a fandom, I will listen to all of the songs. Honestly if someone didn't know a song, it kinda makes me go 'huh?'

3. If they don't know any of the b-sides, they're not fans..

4. If you just joined the fandom, it's possible but if it's been a while, no 

5. Hmmm to me, no.... I always get dumbfounded whenever I see people totally absorbed into the pseudo-relationship with my bias, but then go "What's that?" when we mention a songㅎ

6. I used to think they weren't fans
But if the song really sucks... It's possible that you listen to it only once and forget about it... So yeah they're fans

7. If they're not otakus but simply fans, I think it's understandable. As long as they enjoy the songs, I consider themselves fans

8. If you're an idol fan, of course you'll consider yourself a fan only if you know the entire b-side list, but a lot of muggles go around calling themselves fans when they don't know a single b-side trackㅋㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: muggle = people who aren't invested in idols)

9. I seriously like too many groups to know all their b-side tracks... However, I do go around calling myself a fan

10. I do, I'm so picky when it comes to songs that I don't listen to anything that's not my style 

11. It's a bit awkward if you don't know any of the side songs, as long as you know a few, you're a fan!

12. No no, you're not a fan. Like someone mentioned above, you just like the singer

13. No... Honestly, I'm not even a fan of other groups and I still listen to their b-side tracks, so I always get impressed by people calling themselves fans when they don't know any b-side tracks... Of course I can be understanding if it hasn't been long since you've joined the fandom 

14. No, you can be ignorant of other details, but to not know their songs is a bit...

15. In my point of view, not knowing songs when they're singers is a bit...eba

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