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1. Nop, I went to the concert the week before and got a good test
> Haㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
>> As long as your concentration skills are good, going there 1 day doesn't impact much

2. Yeah, I think that doing it one month before is a bit oba . 
> I feel like it'll completely ruin my study pattern

3. Honestly, it's too much 

4. But if you've always planned to go, I feel like it'll want me to go even more 

5. If you've been studying until then, you shouldn't care

6. I went there a week before ㅋㅋㅋ But this was my second time taking the exam

7. Huh? Can people concentrate right after they go to the concert? I seriously won't be able to 

8. But if you think about you missed out, I feel like you'll be even less able to study. I feel like if you went, you can snap back more easily 

9. If you're only there for 1 day and you're able to have self-control, it's fine. But if you start scrolling on Twitter then moment you come home, it's over

10. I went and it was okay... I feel like I would've regretted for my life if I didn't 

11. If you're applying by CSAT score, you shouldn't. I feel like it'll have a huge influence
(t/n: people can either apply to university through their CSAT score only or using their cumulative grades from high school)

12. If you're taking the exam for the second time, you really shouldn't 

13. I'm applying through CSAT score so definitely no 

14. I rather go, if I don't I feel like I'd hate myself for not going and won't be able to study 

15. I went there 2 weeks before an all-con and I ended up going to the university I wanted. I feel like if you have good habits of studying frequently, you should be fine?

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