(t/n: they're referring to NewJeans)

Where everyone got the same amount of attention 

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1. If it's a comeback from the Big3 and not a debut yes. But if it's Bighit or SM debuting a boy group, every member will receive the attention, but since nobody is releasing anyone nowadays, I don't sense their presence

2. Was there even any boy groups debut in the BIg3 lately?
> There has been, but they didn't get a single ounce of attention 
> I still remember when EXO made their 100 days pre-debut promotion, their buzz was freaking amazing 

3. Yeah there was, but they never got as much buzz individually than for female groups 

4. I still remember Yeonjun getting a lot of buzz, I can certify as another group's fan 

5. TXT and NewJeans got the most buzz from communities thanks to BTS fans. Since people are talking about them being the hoobaes of BTS

6. Either the survival groups or TXT, no one else

7. Me too I think of TXT

8. I still remember when Yeonjun just got revealedㅋㅋ It's already been so many years alreadyㄷㄷ

9. EXO released a bunch of individual teasers, they all individually received a lot of attention 

10. I can't think of any group that was as buzz-worthy as NewJeans, Le Sserafim and Ive's debut.... 

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