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Without saying any names, I'm just so curious about it so I'm asking here

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1. I feel like usually people all say that it was crazy and that they enjoyed it 

2. My bias group seriously have the most boring concerts, I only went there out of love... I feel like it might be more enjoyable if you're a solo stan

3. I feel like this differs from person to person. I bet a lot of people have felt it...?

4. Yah, if the concert composition is boring and they suck at singing live

5. But doesn't the fact of just looking at your idol makes it fun to watch? Because you're able to see their face?

6. But if you're standing right in front of your bias, can't you help but find it fun?..? Even though the guest performers might be lacking?

7. A lot of people think that way of online concerts, and I'm talking about a lot of artists

8. It happened with my bias, I was so sad because I enjoy their digital release so much, but I can't stand watching them 

9. Yeah, that's why I ended up quitting the fandom..ㅋ  It wasn't an idol but an international singer's concert. Seriously I was so turned off by how boring it was 

10. Depending on the composition of the concert, there are a lot of instances where it turns boring 
I went to my bias' concert during the era I was debating whether to quit their fandom and the way they organized the concert was so boring (meanwhile my previous bias is known to have fun concerts) 

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