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What would be the most important factor?? Do they need to be good at live?? Do they need to be good at live and have good performances too?

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1. Company
 > ... first of all, it's important to be from a big company, because they can leverage on the already existing fandom... After that, it's the performance 

2. Money 

3. Big company 

4. They don't care about performing live

5. If you look at the performances and the idols who are popular overseas right now, I don't think it's that important of a factor

6. Aside from the company, it's important to have a good stage 

7. Honestly, if you want a good response right away, you need a big company, otherwise, you should count on having a good stage

8. You need good lives, good performances, good stage presence and they also pay attention to your 'story' 

9. Big company + covers of BTS songs 

10. The company is the wall in terms of importance, and you need a very strong concept

11. Don't you need a music style that suits foreigners to hit big? Something like Gangnam Style!

12. 1. The company is the most important
2. Foreigners die for skills in producing and writing their own songs
3. Strong concept + world view

13. The members self-composing and writing their songs is important

14. First of all, the live, the performance and a good chemistry between members

15. I don't think it's that different overseas from here...? Anywhere you go, you need a good company and good skills..?

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