When I was 21 y'o I was victim of date violence, so I dropped out from school (my school and department all sucked. They started rumors about me getting pregnant, getting cheated on, etc...) From 21 y'o to 22 y'o, I attended psychological counselling and just wasted my time at home not working, not studying and not going to school. 

Right now, I'm 23 y'o, and out of curiosity I started looking up for civil service examination but now that entrance exams are coming, I'm feeling like changing route again and the future just looks dim... I think I'm being obaㅋㅋ My target university is a local national university, but I'm still worried because it's a liberal arts department.. I just feel like my life is ruined.. Next year, I'll be in my mid-20s.

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1. You're seriously still so young, you can do anything 

2. Your life is only starting now, please don't look around you and just walk your own path 

3. I didn't want to go back to school because I took a leave of absence in my sophomore year, and I'm living as an unemployed personㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm not certified in anything and I don't have any talent... I'm just living as it is. And I'm the same age as OP. why is life like that?

4. I also used to think that my life was ruined back then, but if you don't want to keep living feeling that way, you better start doing something about it.. 
whether you're 26. 28 or 32, you don't want to live like that right?
You should just experiment with anything and put effort into it. If all you can think is that your future is dim and you feel like giving up on anything, then you're really hopeless

5. This is seriously the start. Maybe buy a sketch book and draw anything. Think about what you want to do the most and start by doing that 

6. Think about men and the army, we think that life starts after the army. For men, they have to throw away their youth's lives for 2 years. If you're currently 23 y'o, you're still young and you still have a lot of possibilities, please don't say never

7. You're still 23, you can start anything and still be fine. You should start by not getting scared and just try anything! you won't regret!!!

8. 23 y'o is still young and there are still a lot of people attending university in their 30s. It's definitely not too late. You're at the age to be able to anything you want 

9. What ruined... Your future is still bright and promising 

10. I caught depression and for 2 years, I didn't do anything. At 23 y'o. I entered university as a freshman and after while going to university, I started getting greedier so I took a leave of absence and transferred! Seriously if you go to school, you'll unexpectedly find a lot of people your age. Anyways you shouldn't even care about it. Just focus on eating and living well!

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