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When I interviewed them, they were aware of the areas they lacked, so they said they were going to work hard on fixing their issues, so I can't bring myself to fire them right away...

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1. But it's true that for a junior, they can't even operate as 1 employee after 1 month

2. After working with so many people I can say this.. Honestly, you can get a pretty good read of someone after 1 month
You shouldn't stop at the person making tons of mistakes, you need to see if they're programmed to work + have no social skills + not willing to improve. Just cut them after the probation of 1 month. 
You can make a lot of mistakes, but if like the post says, they recognize their mistakes, and they have the intention to improve, you should of course monitor them and let them know as you watch them. 
Usually, businesses recommend you fire someone within their first 3 months of probation, and 99% of these people turn out to be junior usually... I'm too tolerant so I always struggle firing people 

3. OP-ah, when I used to be a junior, I made mistakes all the time and learned that way? But I was also the fastest person to get promoted! Please just be a bit more patientㅠㅠ

4. If you're still debating after 1 month, why did you even decide to hire a junior to start with?

5. I might sound like I'm spurting bullsh*t but did you choose 'agree' to the MBTI question of "I find it hard to fire employees who don't perform well"? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Nah, just cut them 

7, What the? I thought they've been there for 1 year, but it's only been 1 month...? I can't even master everything as a part-timer in 1 month 

8. Hm... The biggest issue here is whether they're able to fix themselves or not... 
There's someone who works with me who is self-aware of all their mistakes but they just can't bring themselves to fix them.. Because they're not programmed to work.... 

9. Even part-timers still make mistakes after 1 month, but this is a full-time employee... You should consider reviewing them after 6 months 

10. The fact that you're already considering cutting them after 1 month is laughable 

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