Do you like your dad?

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1. I love my dad 

2. Every time I see him, I promise myself to never marry 

3. If it's not someone like my dad, I'm never going to marry 

4. My dad is such a good person, my mom even said that if she was born again, she will marry him again even if it means not giving birth to me.......;

5. I like him. Dad, I love you

6. I totally do ♡ dad, let's be healthy for a long time and live happily!!

7. I used to really hate him when I was younger, until high school, I've never spoke to him onceㅋㅋㅋ But as I've aged, I started feeling sorry and I still think of him as family...

8. When I was super young until recently, he was always meeting a bunch of different people outside, he was doing domestic abuse, spent his money everywhere, went to drink all the time and even brought random ajussis in the houseㅎㅎ When I was young, I used to hate him so so much, but now that I've grown, actually.. Wished I was never born..^^ I know more or less that he cheated when I was in kindergarten and I've never wanted to marry someone ever since 

9. Of course I love my dad...I miss him so much

10. No but now that I've aged.. It became better

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