Seriously I love it too much 

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1. They meant 'best' cut right...?

2. B cuts as in best cut??

3. She's too pretty, nowadays, I'm falling for Zuha

4. Wow she looks so extravagant and luxurious 

5. Wow give us more, don't they have C cuts or D cuts...

6. Please just release all the pictures... Give us a 500 pages photoshootㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

7. Why are the 3rd and 4th pictures considered b-cuts? She's totally pretty 

8. What? Why are these b cuts? Seriously the first picture is baffling pretty 

9. I heard that ballerinas are human weapons, but she's seriously pretty
> What does it mean??? Is it mocking her? I'm curious
>> It's because they may look like they're very light but because they've been practicing ballet all their life, their muscles are very compressed together (?) and they're perfectly able to control the way their muscles move
10. Why is the first picture considered B.. It's freaking amazing 

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