I'm upset... Are their domestic fans decreasing?

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1. When the song sucks
> [OP] Really?ㅜㅜ That's even more upsetting 

2. If the song sucks, I lose all will to do itㅠ

3. I don't do any excessive fangirling stuff... I just don't understand why I need to do itㅜㅜ

4. Either for the reasons mentioned above, or I think when the fandom can't bring themselves to set a mood to stream, most of them just won't do it..ㅠ

5. It's tiring, you're working so hard, but it's not like it'll show in your own score

6. Sometimes I feel like we're working like slaves, sometimes I don't 

7. But I indeed feel like the streaming culture is slowly fading latelyㅇㅇIt was so fierce in the charts in the past

8. If the song sucks, you just don't feel like streaming it. Honestly, I don't really do it, especially when I feel like there's only 1 or 2 people doing it, it's not like the result will be that meaningful..

9. It's not like I can see the results in front of my eyes

10. When the song truly sucks... I don't even listen to it again

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