Seriously how can her hips be this wide....? Personally, I feel like her body is the best among female idols nowadays😭😭

Seriously it's so fascinating. Her hips are so so so wide, but her legs are so skinny and long and even her shoulders are so square. Seriously she's too prettyㅠㅠㅠ She has everything 

Her face is also legendary and even her body is good. I'm amazed

Look at this one, her proportions are legendary...

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1. She looks more AI than AIs

2. Wow I didn't know her hips were like that? daebak 

3. Wow... I wonder what kind of workout she does

4. Isn't she also tall? Her proportions are good and her physique is solid 

5. Seriously... Even her waist is freaking tiny but her hips are wide. Her face is also pretty. She's a doll....

6. Seriously I see so many Yuna pictures nowadays, I'm so envious.... 

7. What's up with her waist

8. First of all, you need to be born with it. You also need to work out the sides of your butt intensively and also do intensive waist training... You can tell that her body line is more defined than her debut days

9. Wow... She seriously looks like a 2D character..

10. Seriously it feels like the skies gave us someone to be born idol

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