Am I the asshole for not wanting to know Soojin?

A few weeks ago, I grew an interest in (G)idle after the comeback of 'tomboy' and discovering the song 'lion'. After seeing Shuhua and Yuqi's answers on Weibo I really liked their personalities and wanted to stan the group.

So I told my friend who is a big Neverland and she was very happy with the news. She started showing me all the members and telling me about them. Then came the part where she told me about Soojin. I told her that she didn't have to because she is not part of the group anymore.

At this point she tells me that it's unfair because she was wrongly accused and she is still in the hearts of Neverland and Idle members. It's true that while looking on tiktok I saw a lot of videos with Soojin and the other members of Idle with sad music but as the fans are often dramatic I didn't pay much attention to it.

Then she told me that it was hypocritical of me because I still stan Stray Kids. I thought that was a bad comparison because even though I still stan the group I have distanced myself from Hyunjin.

I explained to her that no matter why she was excluded, she is not there anymore, so I have nothing to do with her. She told me that I was insensitive and that I would never be a real Neverland.

I never mentioned the scandal because I know it's a sensitive subject for her so I don't understand why she told me that and why there's tension between us now. So, am I the asshole? 

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