I'm not talking about just rumors you'd see like on pannchoa here. But the rumors that only specific "insider" fans know, but they never talk about to anyone and make sure it'll never surface nor gain attraction... For context, I have been a Korean translator for so many fandoms over the years liking kpop. I've been in this hell hole since SNSD's predebut (YO HAGZZZ). Though I've only started translating since early 3rd gen, but I went through so many Korean sites since I started to be fluently enough in Korean to go on random Korean sites. And I've seen sh*t tons of rumors. But I noticed 2nd/3rd gen rumors and 4th gen rumors are so vastly different. 2nd/3rd gen rumors usually about bullies/attitude controversy/family backgrounds/crime/etc while after 3rd gen took off and 4th gen groups start debuting the rumors become more varied(?). Like sure, those rumors about xx member is daughter of a yakuza and xx member's dad is head of xx hospital is fascinating, but idk why I found idols predebut relationships rumors to be more interesting lol Idk maybe it's because the society is more open (or homophobic??) or what, but did anyone notice how there are influx of rumored LGBTQ+ (mostly gay/lesbians) idols? I don't necessarily believe it, but I keep finding egg accounts (allegedly sasaeng)/random posts revealing male idol A used to date male idol B when they were trainees or female idol A used to have a girlfriend, yadayada.... To clarify, the rumors that I read aren't from international twt stans, but actual Korean sites/egg account that are allegedly sasaengs/insiders. I can assure you the accounts I'm referring to are most likely Koreans, so somehow it sounds more credible and of course intriguing for me (for real tho some egg accounts be telling the truth and it's scarryyy). I won't mention the names, but there are a lot...like a lot. I'd say some are so convincing that I won't be surprised if it ever comes out. But some are just straight up dumb and unbelievable that it sounds like fanfiction but kpop will surely have a field day if those are turns out to be true. Now thanks to that, I can't help but be reminded of those rumors whenever I see the idols like some of the rumors are funnily tragic or even stupid, I can't take those idols seriously anymore though it's not their fault or even true to begin with, HELP😭😭😭 Some of you might probably stumbled on crazy rumors about any idols. But is there any 'insider' rumor that's so convincing that you can't help but believe most likely to be true?

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